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Why Choose Plus Packaging?

  • Do you struggle to ensure you have constant packaging supplies?
  • Do you want never to worry about running out of stock?
  • Do you need to free up space in your warehouse?
  • Do you want a packaging supplier who continually brings innovative, lean and environmentally friendly options?


We aim to make buying packaging the easiest part of your working day. That goes for all of our team members – those that work in your warehouse, supply chain, innovation or finance. Every step of the way, we intend to make your life easy!


Our family company has been providing solutions for high-volume, bespoke transit packaging for over thirty years – we are in the third generation now.



Our solutions are based on the recognition of customers’ needs. It should be simple – you get the packaging you need; in the amount you need – when and only when you need it. We are addicted to putting our customers first because we can’t help it!



The defining moment for Plus came when companies looking for a packaging supplier started to value service as a high factor in the buying decision.  A mantra was born, and the company set out its stall – “efficient, painstaking, courteous, meticulous, personalised service, every time”.  Against a backdrop of large competitors, ever-growing demands, and environmental challenges, the team at Plus Packaging strive to deliver everything set out in the mantra.


Recently, finding a ‘packaging supplier near me’ became a thing.  Those looking for packaging suppliers looked not only for range, cost and other factors but sought to find a sustainable supplier nearby to cut out transport miles.


You’ve probably read reams of text from companies claiming to have the most fantastic customer service, the softest and cuddliest corporate social responsibility schemes and lots of environmental credentials.  


So, we won’t bore you with more – here are some real numbers to finish with…

  • E-mails back to you within 35 minutes so that you do save time…
  • Current 'pick accuracy' of over 99% because the mantra goes right through our company.
  • Over 3000 products from our range of packaging and warehouse supplies are available for delivery the same or the next working day.
  • Twenty work experience students in 2023 through our 'Transport to Prosperity' programme.
  • Our goal is to be Carbon Neutral by the end of 2024.

When it comes to working for you – we’ll get demonstrably faster, bring you more extensive and relevant ranges and do everything we can to open up a local, family supply chain option for your company!

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